Soccer Equipment

Everything You Need to 10 x Your Soccer Skills on The Field




Soccer training starts by having the best equipment to help build and master a skill. It also helps condition the body.Here’s a look at a few essential pieces of equipment to get started.

To be official you need to be fully equipped with the right gear so you can maximize your game. Fortunately, the popularity of soccer means it’s become easier to find and purchase good quality equipment for a reasonable cost.

Everything you need is easy to move around with.  At any moment i’m ready to pull out my soccer bag and get straight to training. Here’s a look at the best soccer equipment to get started.

Note**The information starts off with basic essentials and then up to more advanced equipment

Soccer balls

The most obviously important purchase to make is soccer balls.

There are several to choose from. Practice balls are one and match balls another.

Professional soccer balls are top-end and designed for professional use. You’re likely to purchase practice and match balls for training.

**There’s no need to buy professional balls because tournament organizers will provide them.

Soccer cleats

soccer cleats

You need these only if playing on grass as they provide better grip on the slippery surface. However, playing on artificial turf necessitates the use of shoes with no studs so have players wear decent quality sports shoes with good grip.

Soccer Shirts and shorts

Soccer shirts and shorts, both for practice and professional use, must be lightweight and unlike street wear, can’t be moisture-absorbent because they double in weight once saturated. Polyester is the material of choice, and there are green options like 100 percent recycled polyester too.

Shin pads

Shin pads aren’t restricted to goalkeeper equipment and can be worn by all players. They guard against soccer cleats and help protect you from injuries. Any type of scrimmage or competitive practice I’d wear them.  Getting kicked in the shin is no joke.

Agility ladder

The agility ladder helps to increase your foot speed and balance. You can find them in various sizes and price ranges. For the younger audience I would advise sticking with a smaller sized ladder. (Maybe 15 ft)

Goalie equipment


  1. Soccer Gloves:
    • The only protection offered to a goalkeeper’s hands is specially designed gloves.
    • Quality shouldn’t be compromised because the risk of injury is very high.
    • Invest in slightly expensive ones made by known manufacturers because they are better shock absorption and durability.
  2. Shirts:
    • The next item to get is shirts padded at the elbows. They protect against falls.
    • Invest in high-quality products which last longer and are more comfortable to wear.
  3. Shorts and pants:
    • Goalkeeper pants are adequately padded at the knees, thighs, and groin. You can always buy non-padded item
    • This is ideal for practice and if you don’t mind the thicker fabric.


Cones are used during training to enhance agility. While you can use almost any type of marker, those designed for soccer practice are built to last longer even under harsh weather. Using equipment designed for soccer also creates a more professional atmosphere which players will appreciate.

Portable goals

These easy-to-carry goals will make practice all the more worthwhile as they help hone scoring skills. They can be set up almost anywhere and are available in a couple of configurations, a popup model and one with steel frames.

Soccer Bags

This makes being mobile a lot easier because you can stuff all your equipment in one bag. Just get a grand design & a bag which will place you separately or demonstrate your support for your much-loved soccer club.

To separate yourself from the rest of the pack you need to put in the work but more importantly you need to have the necessary equipment to do so.

Practice is a necessary part of honing any skill and soccer is no different. While you could practice without the whole set of training equipment mentioned here, it fine-tunes learning and fosters determination. After all, who can resist the sight of soccer gear just waiting to be used?